de Daniel Víctor Lux

Soy un joven con raíces Mayas-Kaqchikeles, desde pequeño he sido consciente de que vivo en un país donde ser Indígena se convierte en un reto y en un camino lleno de desventajas sociales, aun en el siglo XXI las comunidades indígenas somos segregadas y racializadas, cosa…

by Daniel Víctor Lux

I am a young man with Mayan-Kaqchikel roots. Since I was a child, I have been aware that I live in a country where being indigenous is a challenge. It means that your path is full of social disadvantages. Even in the XXI century, the indigenous communities…


Nutri Listo is Latin America’s first food product to prevent childhood malnutrition accessible directly to low-income families

Roughly half of all children in Guatemala suffer from chronic malnutrition, which irreversibly damages their cognitive and physical growth.

Listo Guatemala creates an innovative food product that:

1. Fill the specific nutritional gaps in children’s diets.

2. Are affordable and accessible to everyone.

3. Have the potential to scale through…

Listo Guatemala

Combatting chronic infant malnutrition

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